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About Us

Eastside Academy est. 2001

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire change in the lives of youth through high school education, counseling, recovery, housing and life-skills in a Christ-centered environment.

A classroom full of students.
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Our Beliefs

At Eastside Academy, we believe change happens when you allow yourself to trust and be known. We are an alternative high school that offers a holistic and integrated support system for students who need more support than the traditional high school experience offers. Our purpose is to walk alongside students, families, and alumni in their journey toward hope and a future, with a strong emphasis on “alongside.” From education to counseling to housing, we foster true, honest relationships with our students in a faith-based environment that helps them heal and thrive. Since 2001, Eastside Academy has made a difference in the lives of many, ensuring every student receives the education, services, and bright future that they deserve.  

Our Story

Since 2001 Eastside Academy developed and used a unique model of care to help change the lives of our students. This unique model has transformed the lives of our students and families, helping over 300 young people rediscover their hope and purpose, graduate from high school, and launch into a bright future filled with potential. Eastside Academy graduates have successfully gone on to college—many being the first in their family to do so—vocational programs, and careers.

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Our History

Eastside Academy is a non-profit alternative high school and support program located in Bellevue, WA. We serve students who have not found value and meaning in traditional school environments and who have often faced incredible challenges. We offer students a comprehensive range of learning, mental health, and housing services in an integrated model of care. Eastside is generously supported by donors and partner organizations, significantly lowering the cost of attendance for families regardless of their financial need.  

Eastside Academy became an independent non-profit in 2001, when the school was relocated from Seattle to the Eastside and Bellevue Presbyterian Church opened their space and hearts to EA. Since that time, we’ve offered education and support to students and families. At EA, students are welcomed into an environment that helps them start over and rebuild trust and purpose. We also operate two residential homes for youth who need shelter and stability. Since many of our students come from low-income households, youth attend our program at a sliding-scale cost that is made affordable to their family.  

This unique model of care has enabled hundreds of teens to graduate from high school and make transformative changes to their lives. Many of our alumni continue to be served by EA through scholarships, tutoring, counseling, career guidance, and more.